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Walking along the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean (Cinque Terre)
2007 Photo by Bradley Wilson, Civil Engineering

As you may have already discovered Florence is not the easiest town to fly to direct. Most international flights are routed to either Pisa or Bologna.  You should have no problem getting a flight to either of these airports, both of which have good rail links with Florence.

From Pisa to Firenze Santa Maria Novella

On entering the air terminal building turn right and head towards the information desk, where you can purchases train tickets to Florence (approximately Lire 8.000). Once you have purchased the ticket, head towards the platforms which are at the opposite end of the air terminal (follow signs for departures); you will pass the toilets and the bar, both on your right.  When you arrive at the platforms check the television monitor to make sure you get the correct train (you want Firenze Santa Maria Novella), don’t forget to validate your ticket (this appplies to all trains and buses).

From Bologna Airport to Firenze Santa Maria Novella
On entering the air terminal you should head towards the main exit and the bus stop is just to your right. It is easiest to buy your ticket from the bus driver, [cost: Lire. 7.000]. The bus takes you directly to the main station in Bologna from where you can get a direct train to Florence. The buses run regularly, at 15 minute intervals, throughout the day until around midnight. The journey from the airport to the station takes approximately 25 minutes, depending on traffic. The most frequent trains to Florence are the Eurostar trains, a supplement must be paid and all seats must be reserved. If you wish to take the Eurostar make sure you go to the correct booking counter to avoid queuing up a second time to book the seat. [Cost: 22.700]. Other trains are Intercity (red on the timetable)  these cost slightly more than the normal trains (green on the timetable) but are cheaper than the Eurostar. Your seat does not need to be reserved and you can purchase these from the automatic ticket machines. [Intercity: Lire 13.700 – normal trains: Lire 8.200].

Florence Airport to Firenze Santa Maria Novella Station

If you fly directly into Florence, either take a taxi from the airport (approximate cost: 30.000) or take bus no. 62 which will take you to the main station where you can get a taxi. Bus tickets cost Lire.1.500, and are available from the “Tabaccheria” don’t forget to validate your ticket when you get on the bus. Taxis.  The taxi rank can be found to your left as you come out of the main entrance, you should queue by the barrier as the taxi driver usually comes to you not the other way around. Taxi are expensive and there will be an extra charge for:  luggage (Lire 1.000 per piece),  Sunday or Public Holiday (Lire 3.000), after 22:00 until 06:00 (Lire 5.000).  NB.  Please note that all prices and train times are subject to change and we can only give information correct at time of going to press.  They have been included in order to give you some idea of what to expect on arrival.

If you have any further enquiries regarding your travel arrangements/accommodation or courses please do not hesitate to phone or fax to the Admissions secretary (Chiara/Carolina) from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Telephone: 00 39 055 26778200 Fax: 00 39 055 26778222   E-mail: or the Accommodation Office from Monday to Friday from 3:30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m (Telephone: 00 39 055 26778200     Fax: 00 39 055 26778222  E-mail:

Arriving in Florence …

You will arrive at the main station in Florence, be wary of pickpockets as you should in any place which is crowded or busy. The toilets can be found part way down platform 5 but you have to pay. Left Luggage is next to the last platform N. 16 and costs Lire 5.000 per bag which can be left for up to 12 hours.

Train tickets are valid for two months. However, before you use them, you must remember to stamp them using the small yellow “convalida”
boxes which can be found at the beginning of the platform. When you insert the ticket, it will be dated and the time printed. After being stamped
you must use the ticket within six hours.

Buying Phone Cards:

Phone cards (‘schede’) can be bought from a ‘Tabaccheria’ (look for the black sign with a white ‘T’) in the following denominations:  Lire   5.000;  Lire 10.000;  Lire 15.000.  To use them break off the perforated corner and insert in slot pushing the card in as far as possible.

The Institute can offer Fax and photocopying facilities at the following prices:

            Photocopy A4 - Lire   200

            Photocopy A3 - Lire   300
            Fax (Italy) - Lire 1.500
                  (Europe) - Lire 3.500
                  (Other) - Lire 5.500
Students have free e-mail and Internet services.
Addresses to Leave Behind!
There is only one e-mail address for all our students so we suggest sender puts your name under subject.
Fax:  00 39 055 26 77 8222
Please make sure you leave the telephone number of where you will be staying. However, the reception telephone number is 00 39 055 26778200 which should be used only in case of emergency from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Doctors and Dentists: The Institute can recommend English speaking doctors and dentists but costs vary and you may need a private medical insurance policy, instead of the E111 [E128 for students], in order to claim back the fee.