Battistero San Giovanni - Baptistery of St. John
(Italian pronunciation: bah-tee-stair-oh  san  joe-vahn-nee)
Piazza Duomo
12:00-19:00 daily
Holidays: 08:30-14:00

Baptistery is one of the oldest constructions of Florence and goes back to the IVth century. The Baptistery's colorful 13th-century mosaics illustrating the Last Judgement are set above the large octagonal font where many famous Florentines, including Dante, were baptized.  The gilded bronze doors are by Andrea Pisano (present south door: 1336) and Lorenzo Ghiberti (north and east doors: 1427 and 1452). The latter is the famous Gates of Paradise, whose original panels has been removed for restoration and there are copies in its place.

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