Itinerary, Summer of 2007

The following itinerary is subject to change due to availability of timed entrances to the Uffizi and Galleria, dates for the Renaissance dinner and opera, and other attractive venues which may be available.
Depart from Des Moines, Chicago or other cities
May 8
Arrive in Florence, Perètola Airport – taxi to Palazzo Mannaioni Residence, 50125 Firenze, Via Maffia 9

18:00 – brief walking tour of the city

May 9
Afternoon: 12:00 - meet at the Duomo. We will visit the Baptistery and then the Opera del Duomo museum.

Evening: 18:00 - attend lecture at British Institute of Florence (optional)

May 10
Morning: 10:00 – Meet at the Bargello Museum (Via dei Proconsolo 4). The original seat of the Florentine government (built 1255), the Bargello houses one of the greatest collections of Tuscan Renaissance sculpture.
Principal works: Michelangelo’s Bacchus, Donatello’s bronze and marble Davids and St. Michael, and the original competition panels submitted by Ghiberti and Brunelleschi for the “Doors of Paradise” of the Baptistery. It is here where prisoners sentenced to death would spend their last evenings meditating on frescoes depicting the gates of hell and allegories of sinners redeemed.
Visit American Express Office: book train tickets for weekend excursions. Then to the Badia to see Filippo Lippi’s Vision of St. Bernard

Afternoon: Santa Croce Church and Museum and Brunelleschi’s Pazzi Chapel (featured in the movie, Hannibal).

Santa Croce is Florence’s mausoleum. Machiavelli, Rossini, Bruni, Michelangelo, Galileo, and over 250 other important Florentines are buried here. There are also monuments to Dante, Fermi, and Marconi. Here we will sing Gregorian Chant from the choir books in the Sacristy.  The Santa Croce Leather Works, where you can see leather workers creating purses, briefcases, coats, and other quality leather products, is located here.
May 11
Morning: 10:00 – meet at the Duomo. Count/Dottore/Professore Niccolò Capponi will give a walking tour of historical sites in old town Florence. Dr. Capponi will give us an overview of the growth of the city, communal government and rise of the Medici. We then will visit Santa Felicità Church and the Capponi Chapel that houses the famous Pontormo Deposition. Then to the Palazzo Capponi to view the setting for the movie Hannibal.

Afternoon: 14:30 – History of Science Museum. As an added attraction, Dottore Capponi will meet with the students to discuss the role that Galileo played in the history of Florence and science.

May 14
free day - suggestions:
excursions to Venice, Siena, Rome, Cinque Terre, San Giminiagno
climb the Duomo (through Brunelleschi’s double vaulting) and/or the Giotto tower
hike to San Miniato to hear Gregorian Chant
jog in the Cascine (two mile long public park along the Arno)
May 15
(optional) - Attend Solemn High Mass in the Duomo. We will worship in the section located directly under Brunelleschi's Dome with its Vasari frescoes. This will also permit us to visit the side chapels of the Duomo after the Mass. These are usually inaccessible to the general public except for those attending Mass.
May 16
Morning: 09:00 - meet at Piazza San Felicità for the Galileo walk to Arcetri. Bring along water and food for this three to four hour circular walk in the area where Galileo was under house arrest for the last several years of his life. Visit San Matteo Convent where Galileo’s daughter wrote the letters compiled by Dana Sobel in the recent best seller, Galileo’s Daughter. Most of this walk will be in the countryside south of Florence.

Lunch: sandwiches at Gustapanino near Santo Spirito Square 

Afternoon: (13:30) - San Carmine and the Brancacci Chapel to study the seminal Masaccio and Masolino frescoes. 

then to Santo Spirito Church, to experience Brunelleschi’s use of perspective and view Michelangelo’s newly found Crucifixion; also a visit to the private Frescobaldi Gardens with its grotesque statue of Pan.

May 17
Afternoon: 12:15 – meet at the reserved ticket entrance door of the Uffizi Gallery, Loggiato degli Uffizi 6. Go to the Piazza della Signoria, head south toward the Arno. The entrance will be about midway on the left between the Arno and Palazzo Vecchio. DO NOT BE LATE. If you do not arrive in time, your ticket will be invalid and you will then have to wait in line; not a pleasant way to spend an afternoon in Florence.
Note particularly the works of Giotto, Cimabue, Leonardo da Vinci, Uccello, Botticelli, Michelangelo, and Caravaggio. BRING YOUR HANDOUT. 15:00 - Hot chocolate break in the Uffizi 
Evening: OPERA NIGHT – the date may change since the opera schedule has not yet been announced
May 18
Morning: 10:30 – meet at the Galleria della Accademia at the reserved ticket door. Site of the school of art and architecture, founded by Cosimo I in 1562.
In the Galleria next to the David are four of Michelangelo’s famous nonfinite, the Prisoners or Slaves, sculpted for Pope Julius II’s tomb and left in various stages of completion. The Gallery was founded by Grand Duke Pietro Leopold in 1784 to provide students with examples of art from every period. The big busy Mannerist paintings around the David are by Michelangelo’s contemporaries, among them Pontormo’s Venus and Cupid. Other rooms contain a good selection of quattrocento painting, including the Madonna del Mare by Botticelli, the Thebaid by a follower of Uccello, and Perugino’s Deposition. The painted frontal of the Adimari chest shows a delightful wedding scene of the 1450’s with the Baptistery in the background.
Afternoon: (13:30) - Cappelle Medicee, Piazza Madonna degli Aldobrandini - visit the New Sacristy with Michelangelo’s famous Night, Day, Dawn, and Dusk marbles; visit the Basilica of San Lorenzo and the Biblioteca Laurentiana. 

Evening: 18:00 – lecture at the British Institute (optional) 

19:30 – Group meal at Casalinga

May 19
Morning: 09:30 - Santa Maria Novella and the Spanish Chapel Fiesole: Our trip to Fiesole will be by Bus Number 7, leaving from Piazza San Marco. (Beware of pickpockets!!!)
In Fiesole we will study the Roman ruins and Etruscan wall and museum. Each will be given a story from Boccaccio’s Decameron to interpret.
May 20
Morning: 10:00 – We visit San Marco to study its frescoed cloisters and the works of Fra Angelico. 12:30 - Palazzo Medici Ricardi 

Afternoon: 13:30 – Archeological Museum

May 21
Morning: 10:00 – Meet at the Sita Bus Station for a visit to Villa La Calcinaia (Greti), the vineyard owned by the Capponi family. We will be taste wine in its various states of aging. Lunch: (13:30) – group meal in Greve in Chianti at La Cantina
May 22
Free day
May 21
Morning: 10:00 - Davanzati Museum – Via Porto Rosso, 13 to see partial reconstruction of a 15th century common house. Afternoon: Packing, last minute shopping and preparation for Renaissance Dinner. 

Evening: 19:30 - “Buon Viaggio”: five course Renaissance Dinner at the elegant Palazzo Borghese, Via Ghibelline 110, complete with Renaissance dance, music and food.

Paolina Bonaparte, Napoleon’s sister, once lived here. Randomly selected students will take part – in authentic dress - in the evening’s entertainment. Donald Francis, our host, will discuss the history of the palazzo and describe its ceiling art. This is a dress up affair.
May 22
Return to United States or continue travel throughout Europe.
Other events may replace any of the above; the final itinerary will be chosen by the students during the Spring Orientation meetings.