Tones 2005 - click to enlarge

Short Video Clips of our wonderful Florence Experiences
Most are also included on points of interest pages.
(These are .mov format - for visitors with good net access - ranging from 2 to 23 MB)
Street accordian player Baptistery tourist scene Duomo dome interior Piazza S. Croce
S. Lorenzo Market Piazza S. Maria Novella Tiny street close to Duomo Uffizi violinist
New Market Boar Dulcimer band at night Galileo walk scene A Snack on the Terrace
Parade scene 1 Parade scene 2 Parade scene 3
Parade scene 4 Parade scene 5 After the Parade
Campanile at night Savonarola Festival 1 Savonarola Festival 2 Savonarola Festival 3
Badia Vespers Chant 1 Badia Vespers Chant 2 Scene at night
Mille Miglia 1 Mille Miglia 2 Mille Miglia 3 Renaissance dinner

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